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Our focus

We’re John and Terri Hale.


We founded The Hale Group with a single mission:  to help employees and employers deal with the challenges of caregiving. 

What qualifies us for this work is our own experience as family caregivers.  We know how hard it is to balance the demands of caregiving with all our other roles: employee, spouse, parent, daughter, son, grandparent, volunteer, etc.  We know that women are disproportionately impacted. And we know it’s difficult, whether you are on the front line or in the C-Suite. 

We offer best practices for building caregiver-friendly workplaces.  We also help employees who are caregivers better prepare for and cope with this often-overwhelming role.

We’ve worked with employers large and small--manufacturers and service providers--and their employees.  We’ve enjoyed assisting them and look forward to helping others.


Insight for Employers

We inform employers about what some call the silent disruption: growing numbers of employees who are working a second shift   

as unpaid caregivers for adults. 

We show how this growing reality impacts an employer's ability

to attract and retain a productive workforce.

Best Practices

We offer best practices for building caregiver-friendly workplaces; turning disruption into opportunity.  With practical, customizable steps—ranging from low-to-no-cost to a higher investment—we show how organizations of any size can create compassionate environments for employee caregivers.

Help for Employees

We meet with employees, offering resources and actions to help them prepare for and cope with caregiving challenges.

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Contact Us: terriandjohnhale@gmail.com 

Des Moines, Iowa

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